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Cytherea is a  gorgeous brunette hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her heritage is self described as "Heinz 57", which in this case means she's of Mexican, Creek Indian and Caucasian descent.  The result is a super hot sex star taking the industry by storm (or should I say by shower?)

The name Cytherea is taken from the Greek goddess of love, beauty and music.  This hottie is a relative newcomer on the porn movie scene.  Cytherea had worked at Wendy's for a while before getting a chance to break into the adult business.  Once she appeared in some movies, Cytherea started to get some real recognition for a new pretty face whose intensity on the screen was simply blazing; however it is Cytherea's uncanny ability to squirt like a fountain that has helped catapult her to porn stardom!  Cytherea rivals other squirters and is fast becoming an attraction amongst fans of porn and industry stars everywhere.  
Cytherea biography
Cytherea Biography

Cytherea At a Glance  

Job Prior to Porn:
Latin, White, Native American
Height 5'4" 
Hair Color: Brown
Jet Skiing, motorsports, animals
Salt Lake City
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